For several years now I have enjoyed learning about the natural fermentation processes and the multiple grains one can mix and ferment to make bread with varied textures and flavors.

At the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, I finally launched Stoic Bread, a cottage food adventure to refine my skills and see our friends when socializing wasn’t a thing anymore.

loaves with semolina flour and poppy (or sesame) seeds
olive bread, a birthday special order
birthday walnut bread for my wife
shallots and leeks pre-cooked in olive oil with seeds and curcumin
70% whole rye
Rye loaf with walnuts and apricots
3kg of sourdough starter
nuts, seeds, and figures being mixed into the sourdough
seeds pre-fermenting in the sourdough
A loaf with 50% of semolina, cranberries, and poppy seeds
Whole spelt
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